About EE Department

  • Electrical Engineering degree for 4 years that serve and needs for the public or private sectors for trained electrical engineers.
  • The academic skills of the students with the main focus on subjects like Electrical & Electronics Engg. Materials, Electrical Engg. Design & Drawing, Electrical Machines, Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments, Electronics Devices & Circuits, Transmission & Distribution of Electrical Power, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Installation & Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, Electrical Workshop and Project Work. 
  • The department has made rapid strides since establishment and is equipped with the best infrastructure facilities.
  • The department has well-furnished laboratories and workshops.
  • Laboratories & workshops that are functioning under this department are equipped with the latest testing equipment.
  • The various experiments as detailed in the curriculum are performed in these laboratories/workshops for the purpose of blending theoretical inputs with practical knowledge.